Bird’s Nest Malaysia

Bird’s Nest Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays, people are more health-conscious by consuming healthy food and drinks which can lead to longevity. One of the steps that people are taking is consuming bird’s nest in Malaysia.

Consuming bird’s nest brings many benefits that you can enjoy if you do so. You may seem sceptical because it’s a bird’s nest right?

But don’t worry, in this article we will explain everything there is to bird’s nest and why it is good for you. Read on to find out more on this article.

History of Bird Nest

Bird’s nest is widely thought of as being first consumed during the Qing dynasty in China. This dates back to 1636.

It was considered a very luxury item back in the day and was widely revered. It was treated very delicately as it was very rare and expensive back then.

Chefs were taught not to season or cook it too much to ensure that the flavour was not overpowered.

The most common use of bird’s nest which can also be seen today is of course bird’s nest soup.

Bird’s nest in Malaysia is also used as components of other dishes but very rarely. It can also be turned into a drink that many people consume nowadays.

Other than that, desserts containing bird’s nest in Malaysia is also very common nowadays as people are getting more creative when cooking.

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Benefits of Drinking Bird Nest

What are the benefits of bird’s nest and more specifically drinking it?

We will now explain to you all about it.

Consuming bird’s nest will not only bring you health benefits, but it will also help

Here are some of the health benefits that you can enjoy if you consume bird nests.

  • For pregnant women, consuming bird’s nest can reduce the pain of hip bruising and also strengthen the lungs of the unborn baby.
  • Bird’s nest can also help to heal internally such as maternity wounds.
  • Consuming bird’s nest can also help increase appetite and help repair the digestive tract.
  • It can help reduce the effects of nicotine

Other than that, consuming bird’s nest can also bring beauty benefits. Here are some of the benefits that a bird’s nest can help bring to you.

  • Repairs skin complexions
  • Acts as an antioxidant and can help your face be free from free radicals
  • Bird’s nest can also help heal facial wrinkles
  • It can also help accelerate tissue recovery

These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by drinking bird’s nest and also consuming it through other forms.

10 Interesting Facts About Bird’s Nest

Here are some interesting facts that you may want to know about bird’s nest.

  • It was used as a beauty food

As we explained earlier on how bird’s nest can help bring maintain beauty, this may not seem as a surprise to you.

Back then, it was consumed as it was thought to help maintain youthfulness and can also help enhance the skin.

  • Not All Nests Are Edible

Around the world, the majority of edible bird’s nests come from only two species.

They are the White-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus fuciphagus) and the Black-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus maximus).

  • These Nests Are Built By Male Birds

These edible bird nests are usually only built by male birds over more than 30 days.

Its sole material is a glutinous material found in saliva secreted from the swiftlet’s two sublingual salivary glands which makes it edible.

  • It Is Usually Consumed On An Empty Stomach

Bird’s nest is classified as a tonic. What this means is that it should be consumed before any other meals.

This is to allow the body to absorb the nutrients much better.

  • It Can Help Boost Overall Immunity

Due to its high glycoprotein content, bird’s nest can help boost a weak immune system.

Other than that, other nutrients such as a neutral energetic property can also help promote overall immunity.

Bird’s Nest Malaysia
  • The Colour Of The Nest Is Not From The Bird’s Blood

The colour of the nest is not from the bird which contradicts the belief of many people.

It is actually due to the oxidation of minerals absorbed from the environment.

  • It Is A Good Supplement To The Growth Of Children

As explained earlier, a bird’s nest also contains nutrients that can help boost growth.

It also contains proteins and other minerals that can help children develop healthily. Consuming it can also help prevent colds and flus which can help boost your child’s immune system.

Best Bird’s Nest For Health and Wellness

If you prefer consuming bird’s nest through drinking it, here is some explanation on where you can get a bird’s nest drink in Malaysia.

We highly recommend you choose Annona’s Bird Nest. They have a huge catalogue with an amazing track record full of great testimonies which can be seen below.

Bird’s Nest Malaysia
Bird’s Nest Malaysia

However, if you are looking to create your own drink, here is how you can make your own bird’s nest drink.

  1. Prepare a bird’s nest about 60g, 6 tablespoons of rock sugar and 2 cups of water.
  2. Clean the bird’s nest.
  3. Boil and let the bird’s nest simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Lift the bird’s nest from the water and rinse.
  5. Put it into another pot and put in 2 cups of water.
  6. Put in sugar into the pan and mix it until it is even then you can serve it.

In conclusion, consuming bird’s nest in Malaysia can bring many benefits to you which can have great long-term effects. You can consume it in many forms which is very helpful for all ages.

If you are looking for a company that sells halal bird’s nest in Malaysia, you should definitely choose Annona Bird Nest!

As mentioned before, they have an amazing catalogue that you can choose from. It is suitable for all ages, so you do not have to worry!

For bird’s nest drink, they currently have 3 options you can choose from which are:

  • Annona Instant Bird’s Nest with Collagen (Hibiscus)
  • Annona Instant Bird’s Nest with Collagen (Malacca Sugar)
  • Annona Instant Bird’s Nest with Collagen (Original)

They all cost RM10 which is an amazing deal!

If you have any questions or inquiries, you can head on to their website here to contact them.

Bird’s Nest Malaysia

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